Shantala Subramanyam Trio (India)

Shantala Subramanyam (bamboo flute), Akkarai Sornalatha (violin), Jayachandra Rao (mridangam)

Shantala Subramanyam is a master of the venu, the Carnatic bamboo flute that is central to the southern Indian Carnatic musical tradition.

shantalasubramanyam webBorn in Bangalore, the heartland of Carnatic music, she is renowned for her flute playing and improvisation on beautiful ragas within a highly evolved rhythmic vocabulary.

Like many Carnatic musicians, Shantala started playing in early childhood under the tutelage of her father, himself an eminent musician, and has played to audiences across the world.

She is joined by violinist Akkarai Sornalatha and percussionist Jayachandra Rao, a master of the mridangam, the emblematic wooden hand drum that is that heartbeat of South Indian music.

“Her musical prowess and diligence has allowed her to master the instrument” – The Hindu


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